America has selected a new President.  Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America when his inauguration occurs in just a few short months.

Whether or not you voted for President-Elect Obama, remember that he deserves our respect.  He will be our new President, and whether or not we agree with his policies and beliefs, we must respect our elected leaders.

Political products and cartoons will probably never die.  I remember as a little girl wondering what my Grandfather’s watch meant…the one which showed Bill Clinton’s profile on its face, his nose growing longer and longer with every ticking of the minute hand!

It seemed funny then, because no one in my family voted for Mr. Clinton and we weren’t big fans.  But when George W. Bush became President, and the hatred because vitrolic, I saw a darker side to the popular disrespect of elected officials.  My hypocrisy was obvious…I didn’t like Bush’s criticsm because I liked him as a President.  But if disrespect to one President is wrong then it is always wrong.  Even in boxing, there are rules.  Politics can get messy, but we shouldn’t check our common courtesy at the door.  As our government official, we should agree to honor and obey our President.  Should we feign agreement over policies we believe are wrong?  Of course not.  Voice your disagreements loudly, clearly, and often.  Vote for the officials you agree with.  But, win or lose, we must remain honorable and respectful.  Not only because it is right to do so, but because when we become attacking or petty, we distract attention from what we believe in and focus it on our foul words or bad attitudes.  Give the opposing side no excuse for ignoring what you say.

I am as opinionated as the next person, but I intend to respect Mr. Obama for his accomplishments and position, even as I am opposed to much of what he believes.

When both Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, learn to be courteous and respectful of one another and their beliefs, then they will go a long way toward uniting the nation they love.